Steel bending machine in use must be correct practices Steel bending machine in use must be correct practices: the use of steel bending machine equipment when there is a lot of need to pay attention, especially in winter, when the steel bending machine equipment we are also will provide these details for you, but there are a lot of customers are very neglect, resulting in the course of more or less there will be hzs 50 concrete mixer for batching plant a lot of small problems, the following aviation Machinery Co., Ltd. West An Hongfu cow for everyone in explain how to avoid them piece of cake:       Before daily use must pay attention to whether there is damage in several places such as: the mandrel, the stopper, turntable, shields and other relatively weak, determine the correct person detected after a warm-air machine running the determination of normal operation at start .       When the job needs to be inserted in one end of the curved steel turntable fixed gap within the device, and the other end is fixed close to the fuselage at hand pressed and then check whether the body is fixed, determined after running steel bending machine equipment.       Be sure to rigorous processing bar concrete mixer js500 for sale in mauritius diameter, quantity and speed of operation than mechanical work within the prescribed when in use. Correct methods of operation and specification steel cutting machine Detailed   Steel cutting machine works: by the motor via a belt drive growth, so tune straight high-speed rotation, tune straight through reinforced straightened by straightening the steel surface rust mold remove skin; by the motor through another pair of deceleration belt transmission and gear box, while driving two transport roller, traction bars forward movement, on the other hand crank wheel drive, so that the hammer up and down motion. When the reinforcing bars until a predetermined length, hammer hammering on the turret, the steel cutting, cutting steel falls by the rack, since spring, knife sets and back in place to complete a cycle.       Steel cutting machine operations:       1, when the steel head bent, sending not go in, stop the machine immediately removed, must not let it pass.       2, was found to steel Screw shape when sent, on magnetic therapy that is taken down, can not let it pass.       3, straightening of steel js1500 twin-shaft concrete mixer for sale plate material in the case, you should always pay attention to the work of the disk rack, found confusion should be shut down immediately. Plate material processing to finished quickly, should the material from the disc rack tail prolapse.       4, after work to remember to close the switch and cut off the power supply.